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ICONFIT PRODUCTS FOR RETAIL STORES / SPORTS CLUBS: ICONFIT has a great range of products without excessive artificial stabilisers, colourants etc. and at fantastic prices. We can offer excellent discounts for our resellers. All goods are in Tallinn stock and available for quick delivery via Omniva, Itella or your preferred carrier. So if you run a nutrition store or a sports club then give us a call to ask for a great offer.

  • Free FI/LV delivery for €500+ orders.
  • Payment terms available (subject to credit insurance check)
  • Attractive discounts for resellers.
  • Fast deliveries.

RAW MATERIALS: SMALL PRODUCERS, CAFES, BAKERIES ETC. ICONIFT represents and imports a lot of nutritional ingredients and can offer good quality, selection and pricing. Available mostly in 10-25kg packs as minimum order.

  • Whey Protein 80%, Oat protein 55%, Soy protein 91%, Pea Protein 85%
  • Carbohydrates maltodextrin, dextrose, isomaltulose.
  • Skimmed milk powder, cocoa powder, inulin, citric acid, chia, almond flour, etc…
  • Sweeteners (250g min): Sucralose, Tasteva Stevia.

MANUFACTURING SERVICES: ICONFIT owns quality equipment and a production facility in Tallinn and is open to produce powder form food products to your brandname. If you require your own brand then let us know the details.

Drop us an e-mail info@iconfit.eu or give us a call +372 686 4045

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