• Whey Protein 80
    • The bestselling ICONFIT product – more than 20,000 items sold.
    • Made from high-quality 80% whey protein concentrate
    • High solubility and mild flavours
    • Contains 4.4 g (4,400 mg) of BCAA in every serving!
    • The highest quality whey protein at the best price!
    77–80% PROTEIN
    6.2% CARBS
    7% FAT

    ICONFIT Diet WHEY Protein

    Diet WHEY which is produced in Estonia is a high-fibre protein that keeps you full for hours and contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates. Contains premium Orafti™ fibre, a blend of 23 vitamins and minerals, as well as fat-burning green tea extract!
    • High Orafti™ fibre content (close to 8%!) helps keep hunger away and improves digestive health.
    • High protein content (more than 66%) provides essential amino acids (including BCAAs) for muscle development.
    • A blend of 23 vitamins and minerals provides all the vitamins and minerals you need in a day.
    • Green tea extract has been scientifically proven to promote fat burning.
    66% PROTEIN
    8.3% CARBS
    7.8% FIBRE
  • ICONFIT WHEY+ Collagen • Premium Protein •


    ICONFIT WHEY+ Collagen is a premium-quality protein produced in Estonia! A unique combination of whey protein and hydrolysed collagen provides the benefits of both and creates a perfect amino acid profile. We have perfected this product even more by increasing the fibre content to 4% by adding prebiotic Orafti™ fibre! Collagen is also helpful in protecting your joints and enhancing recovery, which is extremely important for athletes whose training load is high.

    • One 25 g serving contains 10 g of hydrolysed collagen with whey protein. Helps protect athletes’ joints.
    • Over 80% protein content with perfected amino acids!
    • Contains prebiotic Orafti™ fibre.
    • Developed and produced in Estonia!
    • Available in a 400 g container (€23.75/kg) and in a box of 10 x 25 g sachets.
    81% PROTEIN
    6.8% CARBS
    3.7% FIBRE
  • ICONFIT BCAA 2:1:1 Amino Acids (400 G)

    • Popular ICONFIT BCAA 2:1:1 drink mix produced in Estonia.
    • Essential amino acids boost muscle development
    • Reduces muscle fatigue during training
    • Large 400 g tub has 57 full servings for just €16.90. Supermarket BCAA canned drinks cost about €120 for the same amount of BCAA.

    ICONFIT Whey Isolate 90+ (1KG)

    • Rapidly absorbed protein produced in Estonia from premium 93% whey protein isolate.
    • Instant solubility and perfected amino acid profile.
    • A 25 g serving contains more than 5 g (5,000 mg) of BCAAs and more than 22 g of protein.
    • Isolate is fast absorbing and very effective. A pure protein source that has almost no fat and carbohydrates.
    • Price with discount €18.90.
    93% PROTEIN
    2.5% CARBS
    0.3% FAT
    • Healthy, delicious and protein-rich breakfast produced in Estonia! No added sugar, colourants or preservatives!

    • Large 500 g bag contains enough product for 10 servings. We added natural freeze-dried berries to our crispy protein cereal to make it even more delicious! You just have to add milk.
    • Unique formula + super delicious flavour thanks to real berries + an impressive 44.2% protein content.
    • Forget those supermarket “sports” cereals that contain lots of sugar, glucose, corn and additives. We only use healthy stevia to add sweetness!
    • The minimal sugar content is from berries and the small amount of fat from coconut.
    44,.2% PROTEIN
    4.7% SUGARS
    6.2% COCONUT FAT
  • ICONFIT Pea Protein Isolate is a high-quality plant-based protein with beneficial properties and a high 85% protein content that is ideal for enriching your dishes and smoothies.
    • Can be used to increase the protein content of smoothies and dishes.
    • Plant-based protein with a neutral taste.
    • Made from high-quality, natural, GMO-free peas.
    • Suitable for use in vegan and vegetarian dishes.
    85% PROTEIN
    2.8% CARBS
    7% FAT
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  • Strength & speed – keywords for muscle development! You already know that beef is the best protein source for muscle development. But how can you get enough of it and fast? The answer is ICONFIT HydroBEEF Isolate!

    • HydroBEEF™ isolate has an extremely high protein content.
    • The unflavoured product has 97% protein and the flavoured ones have over 87% protein.
    • Fast-absorbing and high-quality source of protein.
    • Lactose free, soya free.
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  • ICONFIT Hemp Protein is a wonderful plant-based protein that is ideal for use in smoothies, yoghurt, kefir and baked goods to boost their protein content. A great plant-based protein source for athletes.

    • Grown and produced in Estonia! Easily digestible and absorbed natural protein.
    • Add to smoothies, baked goods and other dishes or make a delicious plant-based sports drink.
    • 50% protein and high 21.5% fibre content.
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  • ICONFIT Eggwhite Powder can be used in cooking to increase the protein content of dishes and to make them more healthy by reducing the fat and carbohydrate content. In addition, since it is an alternative to whey protein, it can also be used as a sports drink.

    • A very high 85.8% protein content, only 4.5% carbohydrates and almost zero fat.
    • Important part of a healthy diet. High in protein without unnecessary calories.
    • Can be used in cooking to increase the protein content of meals without adding additional fat or sugar.
    • A good alternative to whey protein that can also be used as a protein drink.
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  • ICONFIT RECO is a recovery drink blend containing protein and carbohydrates at a 1:1 ratio, as well as 5% high-quality micronised creatine. Consume immediately after a workout for a high dose of protein to boost muscle recovery and growth, plus carbohydrates to restore your energy levels.

    • Protein and carbohydrates at a 1:1 ratio for recovery and 5% micronised creatine for developing explosive power.
    • Always consume immediately after a workout to provide your muscles with protein to recover and carbohydrates to restore your body’s energy levels.
    • 1:1 recovery drink mix at the best price.
    41% PROTEIN
    41% CARBS
    3% FAT