• ICONFIT Almond flour
    ICONFIT Almond flour in a large 800 g bag at the best price in Estonia! Use in baked goods, drinks, smoothies and other dishes.
    • High-quality almond flour at the best price in Estonia
    • Natural superfood that contains lots of calcium and magnesium.
    • Suitable for use in vegan and vegetarian dishes
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  • ICONFIT Hemp Protein is a wonderful plant-based protein that is ideal for use in smoothies, yoghurt, kefir and baked goods to boost their protein content. A great plant-based protein source for athletes.

    • Grown and produced in Estonia! Easily digestible and absorbed natural protein.
    • Add to smoothies, baked goods and other dishes or make a delicious plant-based sports drink.
    • 50% protein and high 21.5% fibre content.
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    ICONFIT Tribulus Tribulus terrestris extract powder.

    • Increases testosterone levels.
    • Improves the physical and athletic performance of men.
    • Promotes digestive health and circulation.
    • Packaged in an environmentally friendly and airtight 250 g ICONFIT cardboard container.
  • ICONFIT CLA conjugated linoleic acid for weight loss. 

    • CLA powder with 80% active isomers.
    • Promotes weight loss and helps burn fat by converting it into energy.
    • Easy to add to your meals, smoothies and drinks using the included scoop.
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