• ICONFIT Protein Muesli is a healthy and simple breakfast – just add milk. This muesli has a great balance of nutrients, contains approx. 30% protein, is high in fibre and minerals. Suitable for the whole family. Developed and produced in Estonia.

    • A healthy and balanced breakfast for the whole family. Provides the required amount of protein, fibre and minerals.

    • A simple, fast and healthy breakfast. Just add regular milk or any plant-based milk and the muesli is ready to be enjoyed.

    • Rich in protein (approx. 30%), fibre and minerals, which keep your stomach deliciously full.

    • No added sugar. 100 g of muesli with 200 ml of milk provides just over 400 kcal.  Ideal for anyone who wants to eat healthily or even lose weight. A great fit for healthy eating plans.

    • Developed and produced in Estonia. Available in two flavours – Chocolate and Apple-Cinnamon. Try them both and choose your favourite.

  • ICONFIT Quick Protein Oats is a healthy and easy-to-make porridge mix – just add hot water. This fully balanced and nutritious porridge contains approx. 30% protein and the recommended daily amount of collagen!  No added sugar and suitable for the whole family. 

    • A healthy and balanced recipe for the whole family.Provides the required amount of protein, fibre and collagen. No added sugar!

    • Very easy and quick to prepare. Mix the healthy porridge mixture in a bowl with hot water and it will be ready to enjoy in just one minute! A filling and healthy meal at home or in the office.

    • Rich in protein (approx. 30%) and fibre, which keeps the stomach deliciously full.

    • The recipe contains more than 10% in Estonia's highest quality hydrolysed collagen. By eating at least 100 g of porridge a day, you also cover your daily need for 10 g of collagen.

    • Available in three delicious flavours: Chocolate, Blackcurrant and Apple-Cinnamon. Try them all and choose your favourite.


  • ICONFIT Coconut Milk Powder is prized coconut milk in powdered form. Easy to add to pastries, smoothies, and drinks for a delightful coconut flavour and a boost of beneficial fatty acids.

    • Beloved coconut milk in powdered form. Keeps well in a dry place and avoids half-used cans of coconut milk from taking up valuable fridge space.
    • One jar of coconut milk powder yields approx. 1–1.5 litres of coconut milk after mixing with water.
    • Use as desired in various foods, smoothies, and pastries.
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  • ICONFIT Raw Cacao Powder is made from natural unroasted cacao beans. The natural unroasted form ensures the preservation of all nutrients, antioxidants, and beneficial properties.

    • Rich in natural antioxidants: up to 10% of the weight of the product. Also contains vitamins C and E.
    • Excellent source of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and copper.
    • Over 40% fibre, which keeps you feeling full longer when added to smoothies.
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  • ICONFIT psyllium seed husk powder is a pure and natural dietary fibre.
    • Natural psyllium seed husk powder.
    • A natural and beneficial dietary fibre. Fibre helps to create a feeling of fullness, which in turn helps control appetite.
    • Well-suited for those who want to lose weight, have digestive problems or want to cleanse and strengthen their body.
    • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
    • Acts as a natural thickener in food/drinks. Suitable for gluten-free pastries, smoothies, and other foods.
    • Psyllium supports the immune system because it has a prebiotic effect.
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  • ICONFIT Overnight Oats is a healthy porridge mix with balanced macronutrients that has been developed and produced in Estonia. In addition to wholegrain oats, the porridge mix also includes chia seeds or coconut flakes and 10% hydrolysed collagen. The porridge has a high protein content of up to 27.8%. You just add milk in the evening and enjoy in the morning!

    • A fully balanced and healthy breakfast for the whole family. Contains up to 27.8% protein, 10% hydrolysed collagen, wholegrain oats and lots more goodness.
    • Super easy to prepare! Add milk in the evening, refrigerate overnight and in the morning it will be ready to enjoy! Eat it cold or heat it up in the microwave. You can also make it with plant-based milk, buttermilk or kefir.
    • Ideal for anyone who wants to eat healthily or lose weight. Thanks to the balanced nutrition it fits into most popular meal plans.
    • An affordable way to eat healthily. Depending on your need, one healthy breakfast costs only 0.75–1.50 euros.
    27.8% PROTEIN
    33.7% CARBS
    7% FAT

  • ICONFIT Magnesium Fine Flakes are the best way to get magnesium because magnesium is best absorbed through the skin. Our magnesium flakes are of European origin and of the purest quality. Thanks to the huge sales volume and direct sales, we as the manufacturer can offer our magnesium flakes at half the price of other brands.

    • The highest quality magnesium flakes at the best price in Estonia. You no longer have to pay double elsewhere.
    • Helps treat magnesium deficiency that can cause muscle spasms, stress and sleeplessness.
    • Extremely fine flakes that dissolve faster compared to larger flakes. Suitable for both foot baths (200 g of flakes) and full body baths (500–1,000 g of flakes).
    • Use warm water that is not too hot (37–41 °C).
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  • ICONFIT Deep Sleep is a powder mix for deep sleep which is based on natural chamomile and valerian extracts. In combination, these extracts improve the quality of sleep so you can be more productive during the day.

    • Drink one serving of Deep Sleep 30 minutes before bed to improve your sleep quality.
    • Easy to prepare thanks to the included scoop. Pour about 150 ml of water in a cup, add 2 scoops of Deep Sleep powder, mix until dissolved and enjoy!
    • Very effective thanks to the natural chamomile extract (500 mg per serving) and valerian extract (500 mg per serving).
    • The sweetness comes from natural fibre inulin which is derived from chicory root.
  • ICONFIT Stevia-Based Sweetener is a zero-calorie sugar substitute produced in Estonia. It consists of natural erythritol and stevia leaf extract and is very similar in appearance to white sugar, with similar properties as well, but is completely calorie-free.

    • Zero-calorie stevia-based sugar substitute produced in Estonia. Ideal as a sugar substitute in a variety of dishes, drinks, and baked goods.
    • Packaged in an environmentally friendly reusable 350 g cardboard container or a large 1 kg bag!
    • Ingredients include natural sweeteners erythritol and stevia leaf extract.
    • Has the same sweetness and properties as sugar. Can be used in a variety of dishes, drinks, baked goods, and even whipped cream.
    • Ideal for ketogenic diets, as it contains no sugar and carbohydrates but still adds sweetness to your foods.
  • ICONFIT CLA conjugated linoleic acid for weight loss. 

    • CLA powder with 80% active isomers.
    • Promotes weight loss and helps burn fat by converting it into energy.
    • Easy to add to your meals, smoothies and drinks using the included scoop.
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  • ICONFIT Vitamin C powder (100%) is the most affordable source of vitamin C.

    • Pure vitamin C powder without any additives.
    • The powder form gives you the best value for money compared to tablets and capsules.
    • Easy to add to your meals, smoothies and drinks using the included scoop.
    • Packaged in an environmentally friendly and airtight 250 g ICONFIT cardboard container.
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  • ICONFIT Chaga is a mushroom that grows on the stem of a birch tree.

    • Harvested from the clean forests of Estonia and also ground in Estonia.
    • Ideal for boosting your immune system.
    • Chaga is exceptionally rich in B-complex vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, minerals and enzymes.
    • Mix 0.5–1 teaspoon of powder with hot water, tea or coffee.
    • Packaged in an environmentally friendly and airtight 250 g ICONFIT cardboard container.
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