ICONFIT Shaker 500ml Two Compartments (White)


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High-quality shaker with a removable lid and two compartments. Detachable storage compartment on the bottom to store extra servings of powder on the go.

ICONFIT Shaker is free from BPA and DEHP!

> 100 in stock
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ICONFIT Shaker is ideal for mixing protein shakes and supplement drinks at home or on the go. Our shaker includes a sieve to make sure that the protein powder dissolves completely and leaves no clumps. In addition, it comes with a twist-and-lock storage compartment that allows you to store extra servings of powder or supplements.

The 500 ml capacity shaker bottle allows you to bring several servings of drink with you and is big enough for any other sports drinks or water that you might need during your workout. The removable screw-top lid makes it easy to fill the bottle with powder and water – something that is not so easy with regular water bottles. The shaker has a measuring scale so you know exactly how much liquid you have added.

Includes a sieve to ensure lump-free shakes. When shaking the shaker, the sieve helps dissolve the powder evenly and quickly.

A shaker is a must-have for anyone who drinks diet shakes, protein shakes or other supplement drinks.

Use the shaker to mix, transport and store supplements. Follow the instructions and amounts specified on the package of your food supplement.

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