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ICONFIT Collagen + Vitamin C is a drink mix designed to fortify your skin, nails, and hair. It is formulated as a 95/5 blend of hydrolysed collagen and vitamin C. Studies have shown that this combination boosts collagen absorption in the body, providing maximum benefits for your skin, hair, and nails.

If you want to learn more about collagen and the myths surrounding it, click here to read our article ‘Everything You Need To Know About Collagen’.

  • The purest collagen – with a protein content of nearly 100% – produced without chemicals. Combined with vitamin C (95% collagen, 5% vitamin C) for improved absorption.
  • Avoid expensive capsules with a collagen content of only 0.5 g, which only give you 1/20th of the recommended daily amount of 10 g of collagen.
  • Add 12 g (using the included measuring spoon) daily to a glass of juice, a meal, a smoothie, or your favourite sports drink.
  • For fortifying your joints, our product range also includes MSM Collagen drink mixes especially designed for improving joint health. PRODUCED IN ESTONIA. (LINK HERE)

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Highly prized collagen with added vitamin C to boost absorption. Studies have shown that taking 10 g of collagen daily produces the greatest benefits. Collagen is known for its powerful properties, and, according to science, is even more beneficial for the skin, hair, and nails when taken together with vitamin C. Collagen protects the joints and accelerates joint regeneration, increases the elasticity and strength of bones, and is a major structural component of muscle tissue. In addition, collagen is famed for improving skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles. Easy to digest, allergen-free, and well-absorbed by the body.


ICONFIT collagen is produced using a unique chemical-free process. While some cheaper collagen products have appeared on the market, the marginally lower price of these products is achieved through a production process that involves chemical treatment and yields a less pure product with a collagen content of only 80–90% and 10–20% impurities. This can easily be spotted by checking the protein content listed under the nutritional information for the product (collagen is a protein). Our unflavoured Collagen + Vitamin C blend contains 95% collagen and therefore 95% protein. The remaining 5% of the product is pure vitamin C. ICONFIT collagen is produced using a unique chemical-free process that yields a virtually 100% pure product.


  • If you are looking for collagen for your joints, take a look at our MSM Collagen blends, which have been formulated specifically for improving joint health. When combined with the sulphur compound MSM, collagen provides even greater benefits for joint health. Click HERE to find out more.
  • Taking collagen daily protects your joints, bones, and muscles from injury. ICONFIT collagen is the purest collagen you can find, consisting of nearly 100% pure protein.
  • It is rich in the essential amino acids arginine (7.5%) and glycine (22.4%), which together stimulate creatine production in the body and boost athletic performance. They also accelerate joint and bone regeneration.
  • Studies have shown that collagen improves skin elasticity, reduces the formation of wrinkles, and moisturises your skin. In addition, it can greatly fortify the nails and hair.
  • While collagen is also incorporated into a number of creams for improving skin health, it is not absorbed well through the skin and mostly settles on the skin’s surface. Hydrolysed collagen consumed with food and drink, on the other hand, is absorbed quickly and easily and provides maximum benefits for skin health.

What about collagen capsules?

Various collagen capsules are very popular, but they are also expensive, especially considering their minuscule collagen content (generally around 0.5 g (500 mg)). In order to ensure the optimal daily 10 g of collagen, you would need to take 20 such capsules every day. This would bring the daily cost of your collagen to about €5 (€150/month).

Instructions for use: When using an unflavoured blend, mix into a glass of juice, yoghurt, porridge, or a smoothie. Ingredients and nutrients:   

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (unflavoured product): per 10 g per 100 g
Calories (kJ/kcal) 159/38 1,595/381
Protein (g) 9.5 94.5
Carbohydrate (g) 0.0 < 0.5
… of which sugars (g) 0.0 < 0.5
Fat (g) 0.0 0.1
… of which saturates (g) 0.0 0.04
Salt (g, not added) 0.05 0.5

Unflavoured product: hydrolysed collagen (95%), vitamin C (5%, ascorbic acid). Produced in Estonia.

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