ICONFIT Crispy Protein Breakfast (500 g / 10 servings)


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  • Healthy, delicious and protein-rich breakfast produced in Estonia! No added sugar, colourants or preservatives!

  • Large 500 g bag contains enough product for 10 servings. We added natural freeze-dried berries to our crispy protein cereal to make it even more delicious! You just have to add milk.
  • Unique formula + super delicious flavour thanks to real berries + an impressive 44.2% protein content.
  • Forget those supermarket “sports” cereals that contain lots of sugar, glucose, corn and additives. We only use healthy stevia to add sweetness!
  • The minimal sugar content is from berries and the small amount of fat from coconut.

44,.2% PROTEIN

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ICONFIT Crispy Protein Breakfast is a healthy high-protein breakfast developed and produced in Estonia. We mixed crispy protein cereals with natural freeze-dried berries and coconut flakes and added a little bit of stevia for sweetness. No added sugar! Just add milk and enjoy!

  • What do regular cornflakes and breakfast cereals contain?

Although supermarkets have a wide selection of breakfast cereals, taking a closer look at their nutritional information can be quite shocking. Supermarket fitness and health cereals contain lots of added sugar, inverted sugar syrup, glucose syrup, cane molasses and many other ingredients that should never be added to such products. The most prominent nutrients are added sugars and carbohydrates, and the protein content is at best just over 6%.

  • Why is Crispy Protein Breakfast better than regular supermarket cereals?

Our goal was to create a high-quality and protein-rich product that contains natural berries and no added sugar. The protein content of ICONFIT Crispy Protein Breakfast is over 44%!

These crispy protein granules with a 52% protein content (made from whey protein isolate and rice flour) are the main ingredient of this product. We also added coconut flakes and natural freeze-dried berries that still contain all the vitamins, antioxidants and other natural healthy ingredients thanks to the freeze-drying process. To add sweetness, we used stevia, which is considered the healthiest substitute for sugar.

A large bag contains enough product for several breakfasts for the entire family. Just add milk (and if you wish, some fresh berries, fruit, yoghurt, kefir, etc.) and enjoy a delicious protein-rich breakfast!

Nutritional information:  Blackcurrant – Coconut /50g  Blackcurrant – Coconut /100g Raspberry – Coconut /50g Raspberry – Coconut /100g
Energy (kJ/kcal) 798/190 1596/381 798/190 1596/381
Protein (g) 22.1 44.2 22.1 44.2
Carbohydrate (g) 19.7 39.5 19.7  39.5
of which sugars (g) 2.3 4.7 2.3 4.7
Fat (g) 3.1 6.2 3.1 6.2
of which saturated (g) 2.3 4.6 2.3 4.6
Salt (g) 0.05 0.1 0.05 0.1

INGREDIENTS: Crispy protein cereals (whey protein isolate, rice flour), natural freeze-dried blackcurrant or raspberry, coconut flakes, Stevia sweetener (steviol glycosides). Produced in Estonia.


Nutritional information: Unflavoured Protein Cereals Unflavoured /50g Unflavoured / 100 g
Energy (kJ/kcal) 812/192 1625/385
Protein (g)  26.0  52.0
Carbohydrate (g)  22.0  44.0
of which sugars (g)  0.1  0.2
Fat (g)  0.5  1.0
of which saturated (g)  0.2  0.4
Salt (g)  0.05  0.1

INGREDIENTS: Crispy protein cereals (whey protein isolate, rice flour). Country of origin: England. Packaged in Estonia.



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Weight 600 g

Coconut-Raspberry (Natural), Coconut-Blackcurrant (Natural), Unflavoured


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