ICONFIT Collagens

Bestselling Estonian collagen products.

We have developed a range of popular collagen products and customer feedback has been amazing. Why do our customers love our collagens so much? We only one premium solubility collagen that has exeptional purity. Choose your favourite:

  • Hydrolysed collagen 100% pure. No additional ingredients and focused on beauty – for your skin, hair, nails. Also great for joints health.
  • MSM Collagen + Vitamin C specially developed for joints health using the same collagen combined with natural MSM. These two work well together and also help reduce inflammation in joints.
  • WHEY+ Collagen is a protein mix for athletes to use after training. Combined with popular whey protein and flavoured to help your muscle development.
  • Collagen Superfoods is combining our excellent collagen with healthy dietary fibres and delicious berry powders. Great to add to smoothies or porridge.